Write Like A Beast Deluxe Writing System

Adam Lane Smith
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Write Like A Beast is a proven system to help anyone increase their writing speed, boost their quality, and pump out more written material that will captivate readers.

Start pounding out high word counts at speeds that will make your competition beg to learn your secrets. 

No more staring at the blank page wondering what to write.

No more writer's block.

Just fast, consistent, quality work at the speed of light.

Write Like a Beast is designed to help writers in every genre and medium produce consistent high word counts with relentless stamina.

Do you crave focus and discipline?

Do you yearn to learn to harness your brain and make it productive even on lazy days?

Do you want to learn to push beyond your current limits and smash out words so fast people stare in awe?

Then meet your personal productivity guy:

I am Adam Lane Smith. I work an office job, run a high-profile social media account, manage a website blog, and pump out courses and seminars. I give lectures to crowds of professionals, and I do it all with three kids and a thriving marriage.

On top of all that, I wrote 16 books in 2 1/2 years.

My very first book was a CLFA finalist.

I don't juggle all these projects by accident. I spent 5 years building a system that consistently gets the job done

In 2019 alone I published 7 books with an average review score above 4.5 stars.

Authors begged me to teach my method.

I mentored some students and their productivity skyrocketed.

Next I opened up personal coaching.

Now I'm making my proven and repeatable method available to you.

But don't just take my word for it.

Check out what my customers are saying:

“I have been plumbing online writing resources for years and that is probably the single most useful resource I've ever had access to. The whole thing is pure gold.” - Walter K.
“Books that promise to raise authors' productivity are a dime a dozen in the current climate. Instead of the usual tips that amount to, "Work harder," Smith shares his expertise on working with your brain's natural processes instead of fighting them. These methods work!” - Brian Niemeier
"In addition to being one of the most flat-out fun writers I've had the pleasure to read in recent years, Smith is also productive, churning out seven novels this year, with more ready to go in 2020. As I'm preparing to motivate myself for a better writing year over the coming Holiday week, I wanted an insight into the mind of a man that's just been flat-out inspirational in terms of both work-ethic and quality of output. Anyway, I just finished the book. And I'm not at all surprised to report that Write Like a Beast delivered on my expectations. Smith's book is motivational in tone, providing loads of inspiration along with the practical advice. Personally, I found Smith's outlining methods to be especially useful. And the chapter on choreographing scenes was worth the price of admission alone." - Daniel J. Davis
"This how-to gets right the point with easy-to-follow, practical advice writers in any genre can use immediately. As a professional writer of non-fiction intimidated by the very different demands of fiction, I found this book extremely helpful. I know that much of what I do every day should be useful for writing fiction, but I couldn't figure out how. This book makes me see how the kind of planning and outlining I do for non-fiction, which seem to me so out of place in writing fiction, can be adapted and used as a tool for a very different type of writing... without having it turn out seeming "rote" or "manufactured" or "uninspired." Long ago, another book ("How to Write Fast (While Writing Well)") helped give me the tools to write good non-fiction quickly. I recommend it to anyone going into writing non-fiction, and this book seems exactly the same sort of incredibly helpful tool for fiction." - G
"The best thing I can say about this is that it is Exactly What It Says On The Tin: it gives good advice on how to write, and how to overcome the obstacles that block you. I have identified several ways to improve already, and a new way of looking at things that will eliminate my biggest hangup." - D.J. Schreffler
"Write like a beast is a thorough basic guide to writing a book for a new author written in a fun conversational style that will amp you up and convince you that all it takes to write is will, organization, and mindset. The thing that makes it stand out from other writing guides is that it walks you through step by step the writer’s process from planning to three act structure to basic writing craft to productivity mind hacks. Especially useful is the detailed description of the pre-writing—all those things an author does to make the actual dedicated writing time as focused on churning out words as possible." - Emily Red
"If you ever wanted to write a book, whether a Magnus Opus or a coffee table book, you need to read this book. Read it twice, the read it again and take notes. The author provides you with a complete blueprint to prepare, write, edit and finally publish your book. It doesn't get any easier than this. Buy the book, read the book, follow the instructions." - Anon
"This book summoned up each nefarious dragon spirit of blockades that can hinder your creative process. Easily laid out format, that is memorable and effective in getting you churning out the story you most wish to create. Definitely check it out, as well as his other works, as they are all solid entries to any person's collection." - Tevin Donald
"Short and straight to the point. Very informative info for people who are thinking about writing a book or you are struggling with writing a book. Highly recommend this book." - Pao
"Adam gives you all the tools and guidelines you need to start writing properly and efficiently. He certainly doesn’t go in so much detail he bores you, but just enough that you know where to start." - Abdullah

For just $99 you get a system that will keep you productive, consistent, and disciplined for the rest of your life.

In this course you'll learn how to:

  • Establish good writing discipline to increase your daily word count
  • Smash six different types of writer's block
  • Outline your novel with an intuitive and streamlined method
  • Choreograph challenging scenes to crush your weakest areas
  • Edit and proofread like a pro
  • Assemble a winning cast of characters
  • Plot a novel easily from start to finish
  • Find new ideas to excite your readers
  • Harness your mental abilities to reach new levels of discipline
  • Crank your productivity into overdrive with author mindset tips
  • Write nonfiction guides readers will adore and recommend to friends
  • Write viral content online
  • Stop sabotaging yourself and get your books done

Buying this course instantly unlocks:

  • The original 15 video chapters from Adam's Amazon bestseller totaling approximately 120 minutes
  • Additional videos to watch Adam apply the system himself on his own works
  • The Write Like a Beast Deluxe Edition eBook
  • A proven focusing technique you can use any time
  • Exclusive custom worksheets designed to help authors boost their productivity and quality

Grab this system if you want to learn to write fiction and nonfiction at a blistering pace.

  • A proven writing system designed to crank you into overdrive

  • A proven writing system designed to crank you into overdrive


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