How To Get A Girlfriend — Revised and Expanded

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How To Get A Girlfriend is a proven, step-by-step system any man can use to find eligible single women, sort the dangerous psychos from the healthy partners, and establish a loving relationship that can last a lifetime.

Are you lonely?

Been waiting to meet the right woman, but it never seems to work out?

Tired of signing up for dating apps only to have conversations end in awkward silence?

Modern men are more lonely than ever before.

Most men just want a loving girlfriend they can spend time with.

Someone to share their evenings and weekends, watch movies, and hold hands.

But most men have no idea how to find safe, healthy women looking for commitment.

Brutal Fact: Our modern system has failed men and robbed them of the basic knowledge they crave most: How to find a healthy, loving partner who will stay with them for life.

Most single men try, but it ends terribly because they lack the knowledge to succeed.

They bury themselves in pornography and spend their nights wishing they had someone to love them.

If this is you, you are not alone.

Maybe you've been burned before by bad romantic partners, or maybe you've never had a relationship at all.

Maybe you're terrified of picking the wrong woman and ending up another divorce statistic down the line. 

Maybe you just have no idea what women want, and the entire female sex seems both confusing and intimidating.

I built this system to help men just like you find, attract, and keep the healthy loving woman you've been dreaming about.

I built this system out of necessity. In 2008 I proposed to a woman just 2 weeks after we met.

January 2022 was our 13-year wedding anniversary.

I built the method I used for my marriage into a repeatable system other men could use.

I taught that system for years as a licensed psychotherapist.

I refined it into a proven system through my years as a licensed marriage therapist.

Women thanked me for teaching their male partners the lessons in this system, because they're just as useful for men trying to save a relationship and keep their wife attracted.

Now you can use my 13+ year experience and my proven system to find the love of your life.

How To Get A Girlfriend teaches men:

- What women are looking for in a male partner

- How women rate men as potential mates

- How to spot the difference between healthy and unhealthy female partners

- Where to find healthy female partners

- How men can raise their prospective value to attract higher quality female partners

- How to have a healthy first date that sets up for a long-term relationship

- Avoid common first date mistakes

- The difference between male and female communication styles

- The difference between male and female sex drives

- How to maintain a healthy bond with a woman after the first date and into the relationship

- And so much more

Now revised and expanded!

I took feedback from the first 2 years after launching this course and DOUBLED the number of videos. Expanded topics include:

  • How can you tell when a girl REALLY likes you?
  • Decoding her text messages
  • Decoding her body language
  • How to cold approach
  • Confessing to a girl you already like
  • Dating websites dos and don'ts
  • When to commit to the relationship
  • And breaking free from the dreaded friendzone

All the feedback from 2 years of users gets you TWICE the information.

There are far too many guides telling men how to "Bang A Pile Of Women Every Night!" 

Many courses and books encourage men to learn the barest fraction of what women are looking for in order to manipulate, seduce, and exploit women for personal satisfaction. 

This educational guide is different.

I'm a married man with 13 years under my belt. This is the system I built to attract a healthy, loving girlfriend who became my wife.

I'm not here to teach you a bunch of gimmicks to trick women into sleeping with you.

My proven system teaches you to make yourself irresistible to healthy women looking for a lifelong commitment.

How To Get A Girlfriend dives into the psychological basis for female behavior to teach men how to properly nurture a relationship with a healthy woman and create a lasting bond based on love, respect, and mutual fulfillment.

I worked for years as a licensed psychotherapist for both individuals and couples before I retired in 2021 to coach internationally. I've treated men from age 18 to mid-70s. I've seen the ache of loneliness and the desperate desire for a loving companion to spend the days, nights, and years with.

I've also treated women from age 18 to mid-70s, from liberal feminists to conservative traditionalists. The desires these women have shared in their quest for a male partner share remarkable similarities which cross political, religious, age, and racial lines. Most women are looking for a key set of characteristics in male partners, and this course explores these specific desires.

Remember how I said it's a proven system?

If you're tired of being lonely, this proven system will teach you what you've been missing.

Buy this course right now and find the love of your life.

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A proven system to find eligible single women and establish a loving relationship

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How To Get A Girlfriend — Revised and Expanded

16 ratings